What is prayer and its purpose?

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Prayer and its purpose

“We must lay before Him what is in us; not what ought to be in us.” C.S. Lewis

The purpose of prayer is not to subjugate the lower classes. The purpose of prayer is not intended to be a tool by which man uses to climb the righteous ladder; clambering over the souls of those deemed lower. Prayer is not an apparatus used in the public forum to display elegant speech patterns or used to publicly shame the most contrite of souls. Prayer is not a lofty ideal. To pray is not to speak elegant words strung together as a priceless pearl necklace. Prayer is not something that only the most faithful, godly, devout or spiritual can perform. Prayer is not only for the elite echelon of the religious clergy. Rather prayer is a raw, intimate, original, individual conversation with the Creator. Whether this conversation is froth with emotional ecstasy or words drowned by anguish fed tears. Communicating, growing, sharing, becoming more and more real and intimate, and experiencing God this is prayer.

How do we build relationships? We spend time with the other person. A spouse, best friend, brother, sister, mother, father, how is it that we can confidently say we personally know and have experienced the other? Is this something that we have guessed at? Did we watch them for a few moments? How can we say that we have experienced their motivations or have knowledge of their deeper nature? We have experienced time with them. We shared with them as they shared themselves with us, intimately. A relationship cultivated over time, rooted in the truth of the individuals being vulnerable.

How do we know our Creator? How can we say that we have experienced our intimate Father if we have not spent time with Him? Is it elegant words that brought you and your significant other together? Was it only those moments of heightened shared joy that continued to build a relationship of trust and intimacy between you and your best friend? Share you, all of you, the corrupt, the depraved, the righteous, the servant, the joys, and discouragements. Pray, not from some lofty perch, it is not even required to be from the knees, pray from the very being that is you, all that is you. Communicating with God, nurturing, experiencing and over time developing an intimate relationship with Him through conversation this is prayer.

Despite the surrounding physical details that control our lives, despite the spiritual circumstances, despite the emotional temperament, despite the happenings the world over, He is at hand ready to nurture, experience and become intimate with whoever calls on Him. From the ordinary, the pristine, the wanting, those of the lofty ideal, the righteous, the ignoble, from the wise to the foolish when one comes ready to be real, raw, and vulnerable in a relationship ready to share in real conversation with the real, raw, intimate God; this is when prayer and its intended purpose are fully realized and perfectly applied.

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