Do you comprehensively understand what Christians believe about eternal judgment

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What Christians believe about the future affects how they live today. In the opening scene of the sizzling movie Gladiator, General Maximus Decimus Meridius (Russell Crowe) gives a compelling motivational speech to the valiant soldiers under his command. Seated on his stallion, facing those under his command, he says to them, "Brothers, what we do in life echoes in eternity." With those inspiring words, those warriors, in the face of fear, bloodshed and certain death for some, marched into battle on behalf of the Roman empire. That phrase brings with significant truth for all of us. All that you do in life presently will follow you into judgment.

Many people call themselves Christians but are significantly unaware of the way God intends to judge Christians based upon how they have lived their life. Future judgment is not for the purpose of determining who are believers or unbelievers. This will be determined by the group of people with whom you are raised. If you find yourself at the judgment seat of Christ, you are already a believer. If you find yourself at the great white throne judgment, most likely, you are an unbeliever. All future judgment is for the purpose of examining what you did with your life because of who you were - a believer or unbeliever.

The theme of judgment reverberates throughout the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Sometimes you see the Earth being judged as in the case of the flood. At other times, a nation may be judged. However, most of all, God judges the individual. Judgment is an essential part of life to keep us in the way of righteousness as well as give us an expectation of what will occur in the future.

When you consider judgment, you must not attach a purely negative connotation to it. It is not merely for dealing out retribution for bad deeds. There is a greater emphasis on for rewarding those who are faithful and obedient to God. Through the coming judgments, particularly of believers, God will distinguish those who were most loyal to Him from the pretenders.

Considering future judgment should give you a healthy fear of what you might experience if you do not live a life pleasing to God as a Christian. It will also give you a joyous expectation because God intends to reward His faithful servants. Therefore, it behooves us to understand how God intends to deal with humanity and the church. Keep this in mind. God's judgments are always right because He judges according to truth.

Nothing you do in this life will escape the attention of God. Others may not know your faults, secrets or hidden agendas without will shed light upon these when future judgment occurs. Some people think that because their family and friends do not see the bad things they do, they are okay. However, Paul tells Timothy that some incense are manifested now whereas others are kept secret only come to light at the judgment seat of Christ. It does not matter what Christians believe they can conceal, every act will be dealt with at the judgment seat of Christ.

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