From all the churchs we drive by in our neighborhoods to the religious extremeist media publicity we see on television, what are the different types of Christianity?

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Christianity is the largest world religion, with over 2 billion followers worldwide. Since no two human beings have ever really been able to agree on anything completely since the beginning of time, naturally, the Christian religion also has many different interpretations and facets. The types of Christianity are endless, however this short article aims to educate about a few. Personally, drive down just one side street in my city one will pass the Presbyterian church, the Lutheran church, the Wesleyan church, the Ex-Jewish synagogue-now Messianic Jewish synagogue and a half a dozen Catholic churches. Add to those the religious extremist showcased by national media of Christian converts drinking poisoned Kool-Aid or believing God ordained plural marriage and the maze that is the different types of Christianity can be confusing to the casual observer or believer alike. Most of the major groups that self-identify as Christian, have beliefs that coincide with each other. The first biggest division in Christianity is Catholic versus Protestant. The major points of difference for these two groups are over, not the existence of Jesus Christ nor the how of his birth but what happened after his death. Catholics and Protestants both agree on the virgin birth of Jesus, his mother Mary having never experienced sexual intercourse with a man but was divinely touched by God/an Angel to conceive Jesus. They do not disagree on his divinity or ability to perform miracles. The disagreement stems from his crucifixion. Protestants believe that Jesus was crucified on a cross, buried in a tomb and rose three days later, after conquering sin and with his resurrection all that believe in him will be saved from their innate sin, thus gain entrance into heaven. Catholics do not believe that Jesus rose from the dead to conquer sin but that through good works, confession to the priests and duties to the church will gain entrance to heaven. Between Protestant churches, major ones being, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Baptist and Wesleyan, their disagreements are mostly over things such as when to baptize infants and how liturgical services should be. Probably the most interesting mix in Christianity is the Messianic Jews. Of course Orthodox Judaism is not a part of Christianity, Jews view Jesus quiet differently than Christians and more similarly to Muslims actually. However their is a large sect that believes as Christians that Jesus was crucified and rose from the dead to save humanity from their sins, along with still practicing their Jewish traditions and festivals. Another religious sect that may or may not operate to a large or small extent in our local communities are Mormons. They make up an interesting part of Christianity because like Muslims they follow a prophet, their founder Brigham Young, almost as devoutly as Jesus himself. Mormons of course are famous for their missions and knocking on our doors evangelizing as well as their belief that God ordained a man marrying more than one woman to procreate. From Catholic to Protestant, Mormon to Baptist and other major world religions blending with Christianity in Messianic Jewish practice the myriad of Christian beliefs is startling to many, and confusing to almost all, including the practitioners of each. Studying even one type of Christianity can take highly educated scholars lifetimes, to the everyday American the biggest thing to learn from each other is tolerance of each other's beliefs.
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