How can I practice Christian living?

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Practicing the Christian Way of Living

Not everyone is ready to practice living a Christian life.. Many feel that they have to uproot their entire lifestyle and way of living in order to do this. The truth is, Christianity in itself is the acceptance of Jesus Christ, and believing that He died and rose again. It is also allowing Him to live His life through you after you have entered into a personal relationship with Him. You do not have to change every single thing you do in your life in order to practice Christian living standards. Here are a few things you may do to start living your life the way a Christian should.

Daily Devotionals and Bible Readings

God loves it when His children spend time with Him. You are closest to God when you are reading His Word. It is through the Word of God that you will learn to think in a Biblical manner. The Scriptures are meant to train you in righteousness, provide correction, teach you, and reprove you. Starting off with reading one or two chapters of the Bible each day prepares you to become equipped for every good work. You cannot accept anything you do not know. If you are to become a mature Christian, it is imperative that you know and understand Biblical principles that you may apply them to your life.

Obey the Word of God

When you are reading the Bible, take it as the truth and apply it to your personal life. Jesus told us that if we love Him, we will obey his commandments. We are to take God at His word, and act on the Biblical principles which are the truth. In doing so, you are making a commitment to Jesus Christ. He paid the price for your sins by giving His life for you. Therefore, you should yield your life to Him each day and obey His Word. When you become a Christian, your life and mind are transformed to become new in Christ. With this in mind, you cannot conform to this present world as you know it. Obey the Word of God and you will be doing what is pleasing in His sight. You practice Christian living by following and obeying God’s Word.

Stay Away from Temptations

As you transform to living a Christian lifestyle, there will be temptations that come your way. You have to be very careful to not give in to them. There is a Bible verse written for every situation in life that you can possibly face. When temptations come your way, rest assured that God has promised to provide a way to escape them to those that obey and serve Him faithfully. Learn the Scriptures that pertain to any weakness you have so that you may know to avoid those temptations.

Separate Yourself

The Bible tells us that we are not to be unequally yoked with nonbelievers. The righteous and the unrighteous do not mix. The same way light and dark cannot exist at the same time, you should not be mixed with the lifestyle of nonbelievers. You are, however, to try to win nonbelievers to Christ by witnessing to them about Him. Make and keep your personal commitment to live a Christian life by putting all Biblical principles into daily practice.

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