How does Jesus Christ blood save us?

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Jesus Christ walked upon this Earth more than 2,000 years ago. Jesus was and is the divine perfected will of God the Father manifested into the flesh. In the beginning there was Adam. God, the Father made covenant with Adam. God made everything fall under Adams dominion. From the lushness of the Garden of Eden to the beasts of the field. Also, present was a fallen angel named Lucifer whom hated Adam immediately.

Now, Lucifer was not allowed in the Garden of Eden, he had already been kicked out many seasons before. It was because of this history between God and Lucifer that he hated Adam. He watched God favor Adam. God didn't favor him. So, Lucifer devised a plan to destroy Adam, for he could be reconciled back to God. Lucifer whispered into the ear of one of the creatures in the Garden. Obviously, Adam did not take full dominion of every creature yet.

It was through this creature that Adam sinned. God was furious and kicked him and his wife Eve out of the Garden immediately. But, God had mercy on them. When Lucifer saw this mercy, he became enraged. "Mercy for them and not for me", he thought. So, Lucifer became filled with jealousy and decided that if he could take this Adam out, then he Lucifer would definitely be restored. Lucifer thought that he was better than Adam and that God would have to restore him. So, Lucifer devised his plan. This plan consisted of many deceptions.

From posing as virgin maidens to hurling stones. Adam was killed several times, but God continuously raised him and his wife from the dead. For every hardship Adam endured, God swore to Adam that he himself would return in the flesh to cancel out every curse the enemy placed upon him and his seed. This promise was fulfilled through Jesus Christ, the last Adam. Jesus had a mission while here on Earth. His mission was to save the lost through his blood. Jesus Christ blood heals, delivers, restores, redeems and washes us clean from all unrighteousness. You might be asking well what does his mission and blood have to do with me? More than 2,000 years ago Jesus Christ walked this earth with a mission of salvation.

A mission of reconciliation. Upon the end of his ministry here on earth, Jesus was made an offering for the people on behalf of their unrighteousness. Jesus Christ was crucified upon a wooden cross. Jesus Christ blood was shed for the salvation of man. Without Jesus gift of salvation through his blood we would never be found spotless or righteous in the sight of God, the Father. I implore you today to step out, apply the blood of Jesus over every situation in your life. Also, don't forget that the name of Jesus. That his name is above all names and anything asked in his name (according to the fathers perfected will) will be granted.

If you haven't accepted him as Lord and savior of your life, please repeat this prayer. Lord Jesus, come into my heart. Wash me from all unrighteousness. I believe that you died on the cross and that your blood was shed for me. I make you the Lord of my life. Amen.

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