what did healing of man born blind signify on Jesus's mission.

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Healing of a Man Born Blind

The word of God in the book of Isaiah 9:6-7, God spoke to the people of Israel through prophet Isaiah, that Jesus will be born. Isaiah told them that the government will be upon his shoulders, and he will be called mighty counselor, mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of peace, he will reign on David’s throne, and justice and righteousness will be established on the kingdom forever. The prophecy shows Jesus come to restore and proclaim justice to the oppressed. Jesus was born latter and started his ministry which took a period of three years. He had twelve disciples who assisted him to fulfill the words of the prophet Isaiah.

Jesus kingdom proclaims justice and he come to set the oppressed free. He performed miracles and taught about the kingdom of God. In his teachings, Jesus used parables, signs and wonders. When the disciples asked him why he used parables in his teachings, he told them that was the right method for them to understand what he was saying. While Jesus was walking, he met a man who was born blind. The man never saw anything. This man had suffered for a long time, and he was oppressed. Justice was not proclaimed in his life since birth. When Jesus met the man born blind he had no objection but to set the man free from oppressions and proclaim justice.

Jesus with his disciples met a man who was blind from the time he was born. The disciples were surprised because they did not see such case before in their life time. They asked Jesus what was the cause of the illness of the man. They asked him, “teacher who sinned, this man or the parents, for him to be born blind”. Then Jesus told them, “no one sinned, neither this man nor his parents, but the illness was for the glory of God”. The man was blind that God can be glorified. He told them that he is the light of the world, and he should bring the light, because one day, darkness will come in the world. After he spoke those words, he made some mud with salver and put it on the eyes of the man born blind. Then he told the man to go and wash at Siloam. The man went to the pool and washed the eyes then immediately he received his sight again.

The word of God breaks the York. The word the of God sets the oppressed and the world is free. God sent Jesus on earth to set the oppressed free. Jesus performed a lot of miracles including healing a man born blind and preached the gospel using signs wonders and parables. Today’s preachers should have the some spirit Jesus had. The preachers of today should increase their faith in God, so that they can perform miracles the way Jesus did. The believers should be committed to support their preachers in accomplishing the work of God the same way Jesus was assisted by the disciples. If the preacher is not assisted, and supported by the believers is not able to work properly. The way Jesus walked with his disciples the preacher should work together with the believers in order to progress.

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