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Question What is the difference between faith and trust? (Posted by: Anonymous )

Ben Answered by: Ben, an
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Faith vs. Trust:
Quite often the words faith and trust are tossed about in religious circles. These words are used like salt, seasoning any dialogue with a distinctly "christian" flavor. But what do they mean? Is faith the same thing as trust? If not, what is the difference?

Faith is a noun.

It is something we HAVE... As He reveals Himself and His Love to us, this "knowing" of him in our head (knowledge), and in our heart (beliefs), is the substance, our evidence, of Him and His Love (Hebrews 11:1 "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.").

Faith says "I know Him, and I believe!"...

but faith is not trust...

Trust is a verb.

Trust is something we DO...

Trust is faith in action! It is the manifestation of our faith in our thoughts and actions. While faith says "He can...", trust says "He is... and I will think and act accordingly!"

It is far easier to have faith in God; there are unbelievers who have this. It is a lot harder to exercise trust in Him...

A short analogy (...though based on a real story):

The Great Blondin

In the late 1800's there was a great performer named Jean Francois Gravelot. He was known as "The Great Blondin." He was a "daredevil" of sorts; a tightrope walker specifically.

One of his greatest stunts, involved walking a tightrope high above the world famous Niagara Falls. Blondin performed this death-defying feat more than once, adding elements of difficulty each time. Once he even carried his manager on his back!

Blondin was quite the showman, he had a knack for engaging the crowd, stirring the suspense and excitement. Upon completing one attempt, he asked the crowd if they believed a second attempt would be a successful one. The crowd unanimously agreed it would. Always looking to better his last great feat, Blondin now asked the crowd if they believed he could cross the falls on the tightrope while pushing a wheelbarrow. Having seen his previous stunt, and how seemingly easy it was for him, the crowd had no doubt he could pull off this new, more difficult one. Again, the response was unanimous, the crowd had no doubt "The Great Blondin" could do it!

Blondin was ready to attempt this amazing feat that only he could do, but before he set out on the rope, he had one last question for the crowd: "Which of you will ride in the wheelbarrow?" The crowd was frozen, still, silent. Not a single man or woman responded to his challenge...

All of those people witnessed Blondin cross the falls on the rope. They gained first-hand knowledge of his abilities. They had a well founded belief that he could perform the more difficult stunt. Yet, when it came time to act on those beliefs, they were silent...still. They did not trust him.

Many of us have seen what God can do, and we believe (faith)... when He calls us to "ride" with him (trust), will we sit silent? Will we stand still?...

...just a thought...

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Very clear and informative. By Anonymous on 23-01-13 at 09:13am
Really excellent example! Thanks for clearing this up. By Anonymous on 04-02-13 at 09:46pm
Thank you, great answer! By Elsa Klee on 08-03-13 at 03:05am
I do not agree by your last line : Yet, when it came time to act on those beliefs, they were silent...still. They did not trust him. They did trust him but it was their fear of fall that let them down.As is the case with so many adventure sports around the world.People know nothing is going to happen to them but its just that these tasks are so fearsome. In a nut shell if Blondin would have asked the people "Dont u trust me?" their reply would have been "We do its just that we are still afraid" By Anonymous on 24-05-13 at 12:27am
Wow, really helpful! Thank you! Learning how faith is how we receive the free gift of Grace. Trust is the action we take that opens up a friendship with God! And they might has said they trust Blondin, but if they listened to their fear then they didn't truly. Trust is part of believing the best about someone, which is love. And love casts out all fear. By Owen on 26-05-13 at 11:44pm
Faith is gullibility.. it's having a belief without actual evidences which would make that faith a fact.... If actual evidences existed for faith then it would no longer be considered faith, it would be called a fact... or truth By Anonymous on 22-06-13 at 06:31am
Wonderful. This demonstrates that value of Internet resources. Well done! By Anonymous on 10-08-13 at 11:42am
This was perfectly articulated! God's blessings to you! Trust is faith in it. Be encouraged! By Anonymous on 21-08-13 at 06:22am
Simple, yet apsolutely AMAZING! By Anonymous on 05-09-13 at 06:53pm
when whatever don't move God don't move you, your trust is established. This is a perfect trust By martins on 15-09-13 at 12:09am
The three Hebrews thrown to the fiery furnace by king Nebuchadnezzar exercised absolute trust in God that He will do the right thing. Daniel in the lion den was remarkably a trust in the unfailing God. Peter when The Lord Jesus asked him to join Him in walking on water, Peter relied on his faith in The Lord which could not carry Peter through. Peter at that time requires a mountain moving faith which is Trust to be able to walk on water to meet Jesus. By Romed on 17-09-13 at 12:23am
Very good thank you By Patrick on 29-09-13 at 09:39am
Sorry, but Ben is wrong. According to Websters- Trust is also a noun-. 1.belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest, effective, etc. Faith is a synonym for trust. By Bryan on 04-11-13 at 08:18pm
Thank you so much for this insight. It's very helpful and inspirational. In response to what my fellow friend above said regarding the people trusting in Blondin but being afraid, I think that is contrary what trust really is. If you trust God or someone, you can completely and totally rely on them and their word, therefore by trusting you overcome fear. Just as the story of Peter. He was definitely afraid to walk on water but he trusted God and was able to do it. By Pipa on 07-11-13 at 02:48pm
Well Said..may good increase your knowledge and wisdom to touch and change the lives of more people. By Marvin on 18-12-13 at 03:31pm
Trust is a verb and a noun depending on its usage. Deriving its meaning as a part of speech is not clarifying. We attribute meaning to these words based on our interpretation of them in the context of our given belief system. In MY experience having faith is a form of believing and hoping that what is said is true and trust is a much stronger belief than faith--it has an added sense of an inner knowing, an inner recognition that there is a perception that I feel the truth somewhere, somehow right now, and not that I will have it in the future. By Anonymous on 19-12-13 at 09:14am
when there is trust then no fear no nothing By Anonymous on 22-12-13 at 05:27am
Faith and trust must go together if not then the faith is not real faith but a false faith. Either a head faith, a feeling faith, a dead faith or a crisis faith. Saving grace faith is one that acts out what is confessed and believed. The trust is the action part. It does not add to faith but clarifies what real faith is. Faith is expressed in love, in the Blondin case, there is no love so faith does not exist. If faith does not exist then neither can trust. It's like a little child on a higher platform that a parent asks to jump and he will catch the child. The child will launch into a jump without second thoughts. That is real faith. Faith comes from God. The false faith are really a rebellious act of refusing to absolutely surrender. In real faith the substance refers to putting our trust completely in the faithfulness of God to come true on his every promises. Faith grows so trust can also grow. By Anonymous on 03-03-14 at 10:16pm
Thanks for the insights. I am interested in how Faith and trust dance together. I find faith sures up trust when it’s weak. It appears to me that each is an attempt to get to certainly. Trust requires measured data and faith only belief in the unseen data as proof. Thus, Faith is belief in the unproven and Trust is belief in the proven. When measured data suggests no trust or hope we (if Believers) can turn to Faith and be willing to risk the next step towards better. When your faith is well founded you can walk forward fearing no danger and building or rebuilding trust as you go. Regarding God: The gift of being the one defining the level of trust is you can decide what you take as measured evidence and perhaps see God in all things around you yielding trust in God. First we trust in God then we can rest in God. By Dr. Chuck on 31-03-14 at 06:50pm
God bless you so much.... Amen By Georgia on 15-04-14 at 09:38am
I also disagree. According the the standard that Christians are expected to adhere to (the bible) we should be taking a different stance. Faith is dependent on a lack of evidence, otherwise it isn't faith. Trust is dependent on the evaluation of evidence, it results from regarding that evidence as compelling. Trust and faith are antithetical without being inimical. You can trust God because of what he has done for you and you can have faith in God for what has not happened. I have faith that God will prepare a place for me by his side. I trust God not to tempt me beyond my strength to resist. By Rev. Mike on 21-05-14 at 03:43pm
I really love this answer. It is truly helpful and gave me a great deal of understanding my short coming in my trust in my God. I had always wanted to really know the difference but never could quite understand the difference. Wonderful Answer!! By Anonymous on 04-06-14 at 11:34pm
This is in response to reverand Mike. God does not tempt. By Anonymous on 04-07-14 at 12:23pm
Faith I see as truth which once established we can put our weight on it. (rely on it) and trust is a hope for what is to come based on our faith. I like what the explanation was and am just adding a comment without wanting to take away from the original explanation. By Leon on 02-08-14 at 01:21pm
This article helped me immensely. Although I agree with another poster that trust is also a noun, I fully see with this answer a difference in faith in trust, leading me to go more fully into my understanding through transformation in Christ Jesus. Faith is sometimes passive. We have faith (through an underlying belief in Jesus and God in charge) but trust (the verb) is actively engaging that faith directly. I have had multiple terrible things in my life happen, and I can now fully see the difference in the calm afforded by trust, as opposed to my 'trying' to find my faith through the fear of the situation. There really is a difference. I, too, disagree with the part of the story where people did not want to ride in the wheelbarrow. There might have been many, like me, that for whatever reason simply did not want the discomfort of others watching. It truly might not have been a crisis of trust for everyone, but simply a choice not to become a spectacle or to be made physically uncomfortable to that degree on that particular day. By Anonymous on 25-09-14 at 01:00pm
Thank you for sharing this, it increases my knowledge in the word. I appreciate it. By Joel on 30-09-14 at 11:51am
I bless the Lord for the power of revelation He has given to everyone who has contributed and particulary for the life of Ben. I quite agree that trust is a demonstration of faith and both go hand in hand. We must understand that fear and trust cannot cohabit, lets not be deceived by our head knowledge, we need to get a good understanding of the fundamental principles in the bible by which we can live a victorious christian life, and some have been shared here. I have been blessed by this article, but not without taking out the wheat from the shaft. Thank you all. By BJ on 14-11-14 at 07:00pm
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