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You are viewing the writer stats and profile for James-24350, a 5-star writer in the Zerys network

My Personal Info

  • Pen Name: James-24350
  • Country: United States
  • State: Washington
  • Language: English

My Expert Knowledge Areas

  • Autos 1
  • Business and Finance 27
  • Technology 9
  • Jobs 7

My Writer Bio

Fond of the maxim "Writers write what they know", James has made it his business to know everything - and what he doesn't already know can quickly be researched (and cited, on request) to establish the authority of his clients.

This is a symptom of the way his mind works - James is interested in nearly everything, and even his degree in General Studies reflects this. As he's keen to note, his goal is to understand any subject enough to speak with authority on it... but not get so involved that he loses the ability to communicate or forget where readers (who often haven't studied the same things) are coming from.

Finally, James does charge professional rates for his work. Higher pay allows for more time spent on a given document, and that directly improves the quality of the final product. His 5-star rating on Zerys - the highest available, calculated from his individual scores on hundreds of articles - is a testament to the satisfaction his clients have with this approach.

My Zerys Writing Statistics

  • Total Pages Assigned by all Zerys Clients: 1590
  • Pages Approved by all Zerys Clients: 1512
  • Total Missed Deadlines: 3/1590 (0.19%)
  • Total Pages Rejected: 69/1590 (4.34%)

My Ratings From Zerys Clients

  • Number of Zerys Client Ratings: 1162
  • Average Zerys Client Rating: 5 Stars 5-Stars
  • Number of Zerys Client Reviews: 8

My Rate

  • Standard Pay Rate: 3.50 cents per word
  • (This rate is negotiable from within your Zerys account)

Recent Answers from James-24350

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