What are the best ways for studying the Bible?

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The Bible is a long book, full of interesting stories, informative revelations, encouraging thoughts, detailed instruction, inspired prophecies and much, much more. The thought of studying the Bible can be overwhelming when you consider how much there is to absorb. But, taken bite by bite, you can receive the Bible's nourishment without feeling like there is too much on your plate. Consider a few tips when studying the Bible:

Open an email subscription for daily Bible verses. Every day, you will receive one Bible verse to reflect on. If the verse inspires you to learn more, simply look up that verse in the Bible and read it in context.

Buy a Bible promises book. These little books, found anywhere from dollar stores to Christian bookstores, contain individual Bible verses, organized into categories for your current needs and interests. For example, if you are feeling discouraged, you can easily look up Bible verses under categories such as “Encouragement” or “Hope” to help lift your spirits.

Use a companion book to study the Bible. Visit your library or Christian bookstore to find a Bible study companion book that walks you through sections of the Bible, verse by verse. Bible study companion books are helpful because they explain some of the harder-to-understand concepts, making Bible study easier, more enjoyable and less overwhelming.

Join a Bible study group. Most churches offer small study groups on Sunday mornings, Wednesday evenings or even during the daytime on certain weekdays. Bible study groups are often categorized, either by topic or individual interests and age groups, so you will always be able to find a group to fit your lifestyle. Expect to learn about the Bible in a guided and interactive setting, ideal for studying the Bible without struggling to understand it on your own.

Watch Christian programming on television. Many Christian churches offer televised sermons, making it convenient to study the Bible from home. Televised sermons are often given by topic, although some are given by section or chapter. Check your local TV programming guide or browse the Internet to find a televised sermon to match your interests.

Join an online Christian forum. Christian forums often discuss specific Bible verses or biblical concepts, so you'll have the chance to be involved in ongoing discussions. Similar to church study groups, online Christian forums provide fellowship and interaction, but you'll have the freedom of joining the discussions on your own time, day or night.

Get a Bible calendar. Whether monthly or daily, Bible calendars include specific verses to inspire and inform and are particularly ideal for busy, on-the-go people.

Studying the Bible doesn't have to mean opening it up to the first page and staring blankly at the ancient words. It can be more meaningful, more understandable and more enjoyable when absorbed bit by bit, especially in interactive settings or with companion aids such as books or televised programs. If you're interested in studying the Bible, consider these tips and step into the exciting world that is the greatest story ever told.

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