What is studying the Bible yourself, & will there be a test?

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From the man in the pulpit to our dear grandmother, how many times have we heard you should study the Bible? Or even perhaps heard it referred to as, the Word of God. Bible study for the seeker of truth, has many advantages and yet it is not looked upon as the wholesome value it is. Studying the Bible yourself releases you from having to depend on another's interpretation, or in some cases misinterpretation. After all only you really understand how the Bible can be applied to your life, and when intimate details are revealed, it seems as though it was a letter written directly to you. What is meant by studying the Bible, takes on many forms and depending on who you ask and what your main objective is for studying, determines exactly how the answer is revealed.

It is typically understood that the person who believes in God and seeks to enhance their relationship with God through Jesus Christ, wants to live a life worthy of being called a Christian, which means Christ-like. Therefore will seek answers from the Bible in how live that life, what things to do, what not to do, how to choose the right people to hang out with, and ultimately how to be used of God to lead others to Him. When a person comes to God, there may be areas of their life that he'd like to see improved, such as his ability to love and forgive others, how to be accepting of others and display qualities of love and peace. Some study the Bible, as a way to prepare for delivering a sermon, or message before a congregation, or small group bible study. Unfortunately, there are also those that choose to study the Bible as a way to prove others wrong, or as a reason to point out the faults of others, without also sharing with them the solution.

Studying the Bible yourself, also opens up a line into the heart of God, so that we learn how to be pleasing to Him, when to ask for help, how to trust Him and utilize faith to face difficult situations and circumstances. As we have heard before, the first rule of reading a map, is to realize where you are, one must first acknowledge their need for the wisdom, and knowledge of God's word to adequately obtain the answers they're seeking when studying the Bible. Careful study of the Bible will reveal its original intent, exactly how it is relevant in today's environment, and discovery of how to have peace in the midst of such turmoil in the world today. There are several versions of the Bible, along with many resources along with resources such as the Hebrew, and Greek dictionary, to help clarify confusion caused by the limitations of English words.

Yes there is a test, however just as we all rejoiced upon hearing those words, "It is an open book test" and as long as you answer according to the Bible you simply cannot fail.

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