What is the best strategy for applying Daily Bible Study into your life?

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The Bible is actually a collection of several books into one book. Some titles, like Genesis and Kings lump many stories together into one book and others, such as the four main gospels and Esther focus on either a single main character or numerous characters throughout the book. As a result, the Bible is not a book you can expect to read in its entirety and understand within just one day.

Daily Bible Study-i.e. reading it with the intention of gaining an understanding of it-is a commitment that takes time, that's all there is to it. That is why it is best to set your own method and pace but develop it as a habit so that it becomes a part of your routine in the way that you desire. Whether you want to read just a single passage, an entire chapter or book, etc. by the day's end, simply schedule a time for yourself and then dedicate that time to reading and working on activities related to your Bible passage or story of the day.

When purchasing a Bible, be sure to also look through the numerous translations and decide which one you like best. You can do this with websites such as esvbible.org or kingjamesbibleonline.org. Or you can simply type in various verses of the Bible in a search engine and research with the results.

Some other hints for effective Daily Bible Study:

-if you attend a church, find out if there is a Bible Study group or class that you can join. For some, joining a group or attending a class can make a big difference in their understanding of the Bible. The more interpretations you can hear, the better. If not, you can talk to the minister or one of the staff about establishing a group or holding a class.

-determine which way you want to read the Bible (i.e. literally, literarily, symbolically, metaphysically, etc.). If you would like to do so literarily and want to expand on it, a couple of things you could do is find out if any of the local colleges offer a class or if a local group nearby may be of some help.

-if they are open to it, you can try to make it a daily routine with your whole family. If you have kids and want to raise them to have an appreciation for and understanding of the Bible, you can make it a part of your home routine with them.

-don't hesitate to purchase other study tools such as a Bible dictionary, you can also download lessons online for free with sites such as studylight.org. If your church offers free tools, don't hesitate to take advantage of those, too.

-many churches now have their own free online videos and tools available, don't hesitate to take advantage of that

-if you find yourself struggling with a certain passage, chapter, etc., and have chosen not to take a class, don't hesitate to ask your family or minister for their interpretations and/or experiences with it.

Remember, at its most primitive, the Bible is considered to be one of many sacred texts and a guide on basic morality and at its most sacred, the Word of God. If you truly seek to learn anything from it, it is not one that can be treated like a novel. It is best to make it a commitment and be sure that it is one that you enjoy.

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