Which book of the bible do I begin with when I want to start reading the bible.

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There are many people in the world that are interested in reading the bible and want to have a more understanding of what is entailed therein; however, they do not know which book to start with when reading the bible. Some people may advise you to begin with the book of Saint Luke, which shows how John the Baptist first came on the scene, while others may advise you to begin with the book of Saint Matthew, which starts you off with the birth of Jesus after it takes you through his genealogy from Father Abraham. I believe majority may say one of the gospels, while others may say Genesis, but I say DON'T READ or at least be very careful.

The bible is a very complicated read and it make no since to read a book you can not understand. Most people believe they have understanding, but they don't. True understanding is seeing how Jesus is foretold by scriptures; as stated in Saint John 5:39 and most people don't even know the difference between scripture and epistles letters. Some may say "that is why I want to read, so that I can get understanding?" This statement itself shows that you lack it. In Roman 10:14 Paul notes "...how shall they hear without a preacher..." In order to get understanding you must have a preacher that is sent of the most high GOD. I don't want to get too deep due to the fact that I am not a preacher and I am also subject to the laws and statutes that are commanded within the bible.

I am not condemning reading the bible, for the bible has great knowledge in it and it is good for a person to be familiarized with the scriptures, the life of Jesus and what the apostles taught in their epistle letters; however, many people have began to take on their own interpretations of what they read. this is the reason why we have so many different denominations and religions today. I ask you a question, if Paul, in 1 Corinthians 1:10, states "...that ye all speak the same thing..." how do we now have different denominations and religions that have their own way of believing in Jesus? So many people have taken it upon themselves to read the bible, with good intentions, and have totally erred concerning what they think they believe.

I use to read the bible a lot, and still do, and due to that I now remember a majority of all the events that are contained therein; however, every time I go to service I receive a deeper understanding of what I thought I once knew. I understand that people have different reasons for reading the bible and for many people it is for a spiritual awaking. I advise you therefore to hold off from reading the bible until you have a man that is truly sent of God who will be able to give you a perfect and true understanding to what you are desiring to read.

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