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What is the real Armageddon?
MargaretAnswered by: Margaret, An Expert in the Studying the Bible Category

What does the Bible say about Armaggedon? Armageddon has been portrayed by Hollywood in many ways, depicting it as either a natural disaster, bringing on the earth's destruction by...

What is the Name of Salvation?
JeremyAnswered by: Jeremy, An Expert in the Studying the Bible Category

The Book of Acts serves as a bridge for the Bible, leading from the promises and prophecies of the Old Testament to the fulfillment of these promises in the New Testament. To the l...

What does being a Christian mean?
AishaAnswered by: Aisha, An Expert in the Christian Living Category

There are many things that we do as adults simply as a result of what we did as a child. We put our cereal in the refrigerator because our mothers put the cereal in the refrigerato...