How do we attempt to continue walking by faith through a difficult or challenging circumstance?

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Sometimes I think when we're walking through hard or challenging times we don't give ourselves the grace we should. God does, so why don't we? It would make such a difference in our healing. Such a difference in creating a better beginning! I believe it’s one of the answers to how we can continue walking by faith when challenging or hard circumstances arise.

I remember the moment when I knew God was nudging me to have more grace towards myself and my current difficult situation.

It was one summer after college that I had moved back in with my parents temporarily. I was fresh from my broken engagement, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, nor what I was supposed to be doing either. I was utterly broken. So, one evening with my broken heart on my sleeve and tears still falling my Dad asked me to take a walk with him. Just him and me. (My Dad has always had a special place in my heart and when he talks, I listen.) The majority of our walk was spent with my Dad murmuring encouraging things in my ear and whispering scripture while pointing out the beauty of a summer night in the country.

Suddenly he stopped short and bent down. From the myriad of wild flowers growing along side the road he picked a daisy. Just one. And handed it to me with the sweet declaration that I was worth it and that God loves me. And I smiled, for the first time in a week. It brought me joy. I've always felt that daisies are a happy and pretty looking flower. But that night, it helped me see God in the midst of my broken dreams. I was finally able to give myself some grace, and because of which, I started to heal. God was showing me how to walk more by my faith in Him then by my sight.

When we returned home, I put that daisy in a little vase filled with water. Fully expecting it to die within a day and a half, I was pleased when my special flower lasted a week. And completely blown away when that little daisy lasted almost three months. Looking as fresh as the evening my Dad handed it to me and God flooded me with His grace and love because of the gesture. Every day I would glance at that daisy and remember the moment God used to turn me gently down a road of healing, grace, and joy. There were other things discovered to be healed, other heart revelations needed to be had, and true love that needed to be reconnected and discovered. (Which I'm excited to say that God did a particularly beautiful thing when He brought the right man into my life a while later, He also turned my life in such a direction that now, I’m fulfilling His purpose for my life at this point in time!)

God is so good.

Are you finding yourself in a season of difficulty right now? Perhaps you're healing from a "love gone wrong" like I was. Maybe you don’t know which way to turn in life, what career to start, or even what career to leave. Maybe you don’t know where to go to school, or even if you should go to school. Or maybe you’re just attempting to walk through something that’s just plain hard. Have grace for yourself. You are worth it. You are desirable. God will walk with you and make you whole again. He will. He stops at nothing, and starts writing the most creative stories for our lives when we learn to let go, have some grace for ourselves, trust His plan, and continue walking solidly in our faith, but only hand in hand with Him.

~Kate Schwab

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