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When it comes to walking with Jesus and the world of Christianity, the important thing to remember is that it's all about the relationship, and not focusing on the religious aspect of things. Furthermore, when it comes to being a true follower of Christ, many within the faith have a wide variety of opinions about Christian living, truly being saved, being a true follower, and more. Thus, many questions come to mind, and many people struggle with these, and other hot topics in Christianity. Many of these, if not all hot topics affect every aspect of society as a whole. Of course, the first major hot topic that can and does affect Christianity, Christians, and the Christian walk is the debate about homosexuality. The Bible itself is clear that homosexuality is a sin, but still many argue that there are clear examples where a person could possibly be born a homosexual, or in essence born gay. Regardless though of the whole born gay theory, many in the Christian world, especially the Evangelical Christian World feel that even if one is born that way, that they need to resist their flesh and keep turning to God to help with what many call unnatural desires. Therefore, when it comes to homosexuality in the faith, because the conversation is so intense and challenging, many take the more popular stance, and that is that God loves the person, but he hates or dislikes the sin. It's also important to remember that we need to have compassion on anyone in the faith who struggles with or thinks that they are gay, and that believers should be open-minded to listening and being compassionate and caring.

Of course another hot topic in the faith is that of abortion. Many people within the faith take a strong stance that you cannot be a Christian and be pro-choice, and that those who have had abortion are committing a horrid sin against God. However, many people in the Christian Church, also feel that abortion is not a black and white issue, and that it in fact is one that a person does not make or take lightly as a whole. Abortion to many is a deeply personal and painful decision that involves a lot of thought, painful decision making, and a whole lot more. Therefore, once again many believe that God loves the person but he indeed does hate the sin, and that we should help those who struggle with having one, or who have had one and feel guilty about it.Lastly, one of the biggest debates in the Church is the argument over once saved always saved. Many people feel that if a person backslides or falls into old behavior, than they themselves are not truly saved, and they can lose their salvation. Yet, others feel that once you give your life to Jesus, than it's a done deal, and you're eternally secure forever. It's a very tough debate, but indeed it is one where many feel that it is about the relationship and not the religion that can and will get you into Heaven. Still, many believe that a person may struggle with sin forever, but that they will always be saved, because of Jesus's death on the cross for the forgiveness of sins.

These are truly hot topics in Christianity, and they always will be as long as Christians are human, and as long as the Bible translations are argued over, debated, and sought after.

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