Is it possible to actually have a relationship with God?

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Answered by: Jacob Israel, An Expert in the Christian Living Category
Can God's heart really be known? Can we actually have a real relationship with God? There is a deep need in every human being to have a place of acceptance and love, where they know that they do not have to do anything to be loved but just be. To be themselves, and not bring forth some manufactured image that will appease the world.

The attempts by religion and spirituality through the millenias have tried to put a finger on the meaning of life, and if there actually is somebody out there who cares. It is the one question that needs to be answered in a person’s heart. This need to have this question answered can either drive a person in a genuine search for this, or it can often be a source of deep despair and disappointment. People look to earthly relationships, material, entertainment, alter-egos, and many other things to find this meaning, and can to some degree find happiness and joy, but is that by itself enough?

Can one flawed being fulfill another? Most would likely say no, and if they hope that another human can do so, they will likely end up bitter or wondering why their well has run dry. Family relationships can to some degree meet a need, but then again there is often so much disappointment from those relationships - whether they are broken or simply not enough. This search for heaven on earth cannot be found simply with something of this earth. Nor can it be found by filling a religious list of do’s and avoiding the don’ts.

There is more to our existence than just going to work, raising kids, having a career, being famous, or making ends meet. Mankind’s ache for meaning is found in One thing and One person alone. It is God, our Creator. Most do not want to believe that a God who supposedly loves us actually WANTS us. This is the answer that no human being can live without. We need to know that we are actually wanted by our Creator, not just thought well of or tolerated because Jesus Christ paid the price on the Cross for our sins.

Jesus paid the price BECAUSE God wants us. His answer for us is Yes! He wants us so bad that He gave up what was most precious to Him so that what is flawed and messy may be restored in Him. The fatherlessness, brokenness, selfishness, confusion, and apathy that many religious people complain about in society will easily evaporate with just one encounter with this Person who is Love. There is no other way, no matter what level of happiness we may reach.

We were meant for His Glory, and He will stop at nothing for us to return to Him and to bask in His delight. He even will thwart us of the things that we think will fill us instead of Him. Knowing the Father’s heart is what will change this lost and hurting world. He is the Father that every person has dreamed of. He just wants us to look back at Him and trust that He really is good even when other people, ourselves, or circumstances are not. We really can have a relationship with God, and the good news is this is exactly what He wants!

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