what do new in Christ followers need know?

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The life of a man new in Christ is like waking up on a cold morning and kneeling to say a prayer after hitting the snooze button a countless time. now there are a selected few who have no trouble with that because they spend most of their nights tossing and turning troubled by obstacles in heir day lives, those people need more prayers and empowerment than they think.

but let me tell you about living in Christ and how you can make in this world as a new believer and a follower of Lord Jesus Christ. see that snooze button is a reminder than it is time to be in Christ. it is a wake up call that you need God in your life. that it is time to accept Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour. but we tend to forget that sometimes an we dismiss that call and brush it off.we say we are too young and that we still have a few parties to got too. And along The Son Of Man want nothing but the best for us.

yet he never give up on us. he shows us love and mercy and that he is always here, every 5 minutes he comes back to remind us he is always here.

then we finally accept him. you must confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord. put all burdens unto him. he will deliver you, he will carry them. start living according and living in Christ.

then comes the rolling out part, we don't like but it must be done. it is the one that puts all into action and start living in Christ. this is the part where you live your comfort zone and face the world as a new person... people who know your past will talk, they will judge and condemn you. some will congratulate you and see you as a new man. that is when you must kneel and pray to God that he grants you strength. you must mow exercise the life of a man new in Christ. each and every step you make will b watched, the devil will tempt and test your faith. your feet must be rooted firmly in the word of God and your life must be a true reflection of Christ. you are not perfect, no man who walks on this earth is, says the bible and people will point out all those faults.

remember this, no one says living in Christ is easy. you need to read the word of God, pray, go to Church, give yourself unto Christ. God is great, all the time. yet your faith will be tested. by fellow brothers and sisters in faith, by old friends and by life in general. then comes the question... why did you chose Christ? if you are with me on this one you took God into your life because he is like no other, he is the great I AM. He died died for my sins in the cross of Calvary so i can have eternal life. through his wounds i am healed. God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son for me and you. no love on earth can match that. next time you have doubt in him know he never doubts you.

God bless you.

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