What is the fear of accepting Christ into your life?

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A question that has baffled me for some time is why are so many people afraid to accept Christ into their life? I have been pondering this question for some time and believe that I have come up with a viable answer that could possibly be the answer.

To answer this question we must first ask what exactly is Christianity? Many have various answers to this question without really understanding the simplicity of it all. Some say it's going to church, while others say it's being good and never sinning. Still, others say it's believing in God, while many of the syncs say it's giving your money to the church. Another definition heard is to stop drinking, dancing, partying and enjoying life.

But to put it simply, Christianity is accepting and believing that Jesus Christ is God come in the flesh. He died for our sins and is coming back again for us (both living and dead). It's that simple. No jumping up and down, foaming at the mouth, speaking in tongue or giving all that you own to the church. But the operative word in this definition is belief. And of course, belief is based on faith. And to have faith in something means to believe in something that you have not necessarily seen. Like the faith of knowing that the sun is going to rise every day.

But as I read this I can see where the doubt and fear of accepting Christ into your life comes into play. To believe that a man is God, he died, got up from the grave and is coming back can be a little far-fetched to believe. But, for some people to be so afraid of this belief to be willing to kill and destroy because of it still baffles me. It makes one wonder if there is more power involved in this belief than others would like for you to believe.

However, strange it may seem, it's only a matter of sitting and listening. That is all that one is asked to do. Come and hear. But the fear of some to walk into that place and to sit and listen is staggering. Some say they will not be brain-washed, caught up in a cult or even worse, made a fool of. But how many times have you gone to a party or a movie or to visit someone on someone’s advice about how good it will be and come out wondering why the heck you ever went there and waste your time. We will often try unusual things and come out no worse for the wear, but to come and sit and listen about Christ is unthinkable.

Simply put, the fear of Christianity and accepting Christ into your life is based on the fear of the unknown. Christianity is simply accepting the belief that God came down to earth to live among us, died for us, left and is coming back for us. As was said earlier it is all based on faith and the desire to try and live a life that God would be pleased to see us living.

Many say they do not believe because it’s not true. I say simply if they are right there’s nothing lost with trying to live a good faith-filled life. But what if it is true? ...

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