Why do Christians believe in Walking Like Jesus?

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Many Christians have been taught that God brought his son Jesus to show us how to live right but can Christians actually walk like Jesus? Reason why I am raising this question is because a lot of Christians become perfectionists, their egos get in the way and do not understand that Christians are not equal to Jesus’ which eventually becomes a hindering spirit throughout the lives of many Christians. According to Dictionary.com there are two definitions of “Perfectionism”: "1. any of various doctrines holding that religious, moral, social, or political perfection is attainable and 2. a personal standard, attitude, or philosophy that demands perfection and rejects anything less." Both meanings go hand in hand. An example is a Christian that believes they should wait until they are married to indulge in sexual activity (because of religious standards) then they believe that they should and can wait and that they will not date anyone who will not marry them before they have intercourse (based upon a personal standard).

Now, if a Christian fall’s victim to that particular sin will it make them any less of a Christian, of course not. But when they yield unto the standards of perfectionism then it can become an idol which is also a sin. Instead the proper way to be perfect is to yield unto God’s perfect will. Instead of walking like Jesus Christian’s should be walking with Jesus. When perfectionism is the mindset of so many Christians they are so worried what others think of them and not what God thinks of them. God only cares about the heart and not the physical things that we as flesh praise. Perfectionism demobilizes and hinders so many Christians from moving forward in their lives and from actually enjoying life.Everyone has an ego depending upon your personality I believe that some may have a bigger ego than others. Such as driven personalities and submissive personalities. Driven personalities are competitive in nature and egos are a way to compete therefore it makes sense for driven personalities to have a stronger ego. If the ego is not put into perspective then it can be used for wrongdoing and demobilize and hinder someone in their Christian lives. This goes hand in hand with perfectionism because perfectionists want to see themselves better than others and compete to feel that they are more superior because they are Christians but in actuality they are being blinded by the devils works. The ego cannot help them see passed their ignorance that we are all equal no one is better than the next. And it actually becomes an insult to God because he is the creator and the Almighty and it looks as though they are going against him because he made everything and if that is the path he has chosen for that particular person then that is his will.

When Jesus came He came as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Christians are to follow behind Jesus and not beside Jesus because we are not equal to his Superior. No man can come through God but by Jesus. When we fall He will pick us up, turns us around, and place our feet on a solid ground and we just keep following him. We have to rely on Jesus and not into our own understanding. Jesus died on the cross for our sins and inequities so that we can live life and live it more abundantly. Struggles are just a part of the journey it is nothing that our Almighty Father cannot handle. Christians have to understand that Jesus chose Judas in full knowledge that without a Judas there is no way for Jesus to show his power. Really if you think about it there is no story to tell or if there is it would be a very dull and boring story. Because the antagonist hypes things up and excites the audience there has to be some drama somewhere in the story.

As Christians learn and grow in their spiritual lives they will begin to see that some things are easier than others. They will begin to assess themselves from past years and say have I grown any. But no matter how hard Christians try, Walking like Jesus is not an option but admiring and submitting to a perfect God is the way, the truth, and the life. An abundant life it is when Christians know no matter how many mistakes they have made that there are brand new mercy’s every day and his grace is always with his children.

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