what is the foundation of christianity?

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The history, growth and development of Christianity as a religion can be traced back to the first century C.E through the teachings of a Jewish rabbi known as Jesus of Nazareth. The teachings of the Rabbi were based on the eventual coming and rise of a universal kingdom which will be guided by God.

The ministry of Jesus with the help of twelve core disciples and other followers begun and revolved around the present day state of Israel and Palestine. They preached the message of the imminent coming of the kingdom of God to the poor and outcasts in the society. Under the leadership of the Roman government, Jesus of Nazareth was arrested and executed for being supposed to be the Messiah but his followers believing he was the Son of God alleged he rose again from the dead. His disciples believed and named him Christ or the anointed one according to the Hebrew teachings.

According to Hebrew prophecies the Messiah or Christ was to save humanity from sin through his death and resurrection which eventually led to his followers being identified as Christians. Throughout history, the conviction of the followers of Jesus has been compiled based on the belief that being the Messiah His Resurrection absolved them from their sins.

The rise of Christianity

After the death of Jesus, his followers and disciples started spreading his teachings across the Roman Empire. Although they faced persecution from the pagan Roman society, they form tiny pockets of believers which eventually became a mass movement. The growth of Christianity brought about numerous disagreements especially the relationship between Jesus and God. When Constantine rose to power as the Empire of Rome, he converted to Christianity and called on the Christian leaders to clarify the major points of Christian theology. More meetings have clarified and developed Christianities’ belief especially the Trinity and divinity of the Messiah.

The basic tenets of Christianity

Since time immemorial humanity has struggled with the concept of a deity or creator of the universe.. Despite the fact that all Christians do not share the same practices and doctrines, they do believe in a monotheistic God whose manifestation is regarded as the form of a trinity. All Christians profess that all human being are sinners and can only be rescued by the Grace of God through the name of Jesus. They feel that the Bible is the authentic written Word of God and its teachings of prayer and worship is inspired by him. The foundation of Christianity is based on the conviction that God is a Trinity in whom all things were created and for him were they made. The basic understanding of Christianity can only be completed through the definition of the Trinity and their roles in the beginning and end of creation.

The Trinity: God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit

The foundation of Christianity is built on a belief that God is beyond the comprehension and experience of all humans. Christians believe that, God is both Immanent and Transcendent which basically mean that he is both within the world and yet he has an existence beyond this world. They share the same belief that he becomes the father of the world and individuals or groups can have a relationship with Him. The acceptance of God’s majesty leads Christians to a life of reverence, trust and love towards him. The belief of all Christians is based on the Hebrew Scriptures which declare God as the Father, Lord of the universe and creator of all.

Christians think that Jesus of Nazareth was born to a virgin through the inspiration of God. They all share the same belief that, he is the son of God and share in his divinity. The councils of Nicaea and Chalcedon came to the conclusion that humanity can only be saved by God, but the price had to be paid by a human being. That belief led to the conclusion by Christian’s that Jesus who was born of a divine nature fulfilled human existence while still remaining divine. The councils declared that Jesus Christ was both divine and human thus making him the only link between humanity and God. Hence he was proclaimed the Christ sharing in Gods divinity.

The teachings of Jesus to introduce the Holy Spirit as part of the Trinity in whom Christians consider to be the power behind the creation of the universe. The foundation and basis of Christian doctrines concur that the Holy Spirit existed before the universe was made and was to be sent as a comforter to the church. Christian Scriptures instruct them to be baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, which leads the belief in the Trinity.

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