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Does God love you? Of course. It may not seem like it when your life is on the downhill but life is not perfect. God sent his son Jesus to die on the cross at our sins. That is God's love for me, for all of us. God knew that we all sin. God knows each and every one of us even though not everyone has a relationship with him.

Now if you really want to see how God loves you than open up your ears, eyes and heart. You don't have to attend church but it is recommended that you talk to your pastor or priest. Talk to other godly women and men. Read the bible. God love us is written in the Bible. It is right in front of us. Find a bible online, or get one at church. Open it up and read, little by little. Pray on it. God will show you his love.

It may take time to see and feel how God's love but you need to foster that connection. Take time to pray, everyday. Everyday god will hear the love and faith and take notice. Everyday he will plan more on what he can do for you, which signs will be in your life and where it will take you. It is not always obvious, take it from me.

I am a single mom, one of the toughest things was losing the man I love. God took him away because it was not meant to be. He was a toxic man but he gave me exactly what I needed to keep going. I was blessed with a little boy. It is because of that boy that I have fostered my relationship in God. God brought wonderful new people and experiences into my life because I needed it and now God is sending me on a new journey because of his love for me. So if God loves me and God loves us all.

If your losing your faith then follow my lead, Remember to foster you relationship. Pray. Talk to godly men and women, like your pastor. Read the bible or join a bible study. Attend church. Just break down the wall because god loves us and he wants to show us. It took me a while to follow those steps myself but once I did, I see how God loves me and how he works. His love is in unexpected places, like the people he sends into your life.

The best part of seeing God's love is seeing it in his children, in our children. Children are innocent and although they are smart, they have not had the negative experiences like we have but they can tell you how God loves you. Ask any of God's children and they will tell you the same thing I have stated previously. Talk to God, even when your upset, sad or happy just talk to God, pray to him that you need a sign and he will send one.

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