what should the church do to keep walking right with Christ?

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The Christian population continues to grow daily and the thirst to truly know God and His ways has continued to be searched for everywhere. The word of God continues to be a guide to Christians in knowing the best steps towards walking right with Christ. As Christians, we should always keep asking ourselves whether our actions truly depict the true image of our Lord and savior in heaven. Having asked ourselves this question, we shall never fail to do that which is pleasant before our almighty father.We must always keep in mind that our ways are not always right and that the ways of the Lord are always the best for us. God reminds us that He has good plans for us and for our future. For this reason we should never fail to depend on Him who supplies all our needs according to His riches and glory.

Christians should always seek for wisdom and guidance from God. This is because without His wisdom and guidance we shall not be able to see and do that which is right with Him. When we fear our God, we shall do as He desires of us. In proverbs 9: 10, the Bible reminds us that the beginning of wisdom as well as understanding will only be our potion when we fear the Lord. Fearing the Lord begins by doing His will and not our will. we should try our level best best to always please Him. We as Christians are reminded by James that when we resist the devil he will without a doubt flee from us.

The devil is clearly aware of the plans God has for us. He knows and is well aware they are plans to give us a good life. For this reason he will always keep throwing temptations our way so that we give up on our focus on Christ. Hi sole duty is to steal, destroy and kill from the children God. Once we are aware of his purpose, we shall never loose focus. In times of distress we should never loose hope and trust in God. In stead, we should thank God and ask Him to give us strength to continue carrying on. On the other hand, when we give in to the devil's demands he gets so excited and knows that he has worn the battle. We should not let the devil know that he has carried the day. He is a looser and always will remain a looser.

Walking right with Christ should be a daily way of living. It should come out naturally from deep with us. We should ask God to guide and order our steps on each and everyday. Like David, we should tell God never let us go as He is the light to our feet. We Christians shall only please our maker not only by reading His word, but also by putting His word to practice. Let everyone around us know that we are the disciples of Christ by our actions.

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