Why is it so hard to know when you are hearing Gods voice?

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Why is it so hard to listen AND obey the voice of God?

Because it takes faith. It takes faith to believe that the small, quiet, barely audible voice from behind you is God. Because the voice of ourselves, our wants, desires...that voice is louder. Pulling us into an easy lull of complacency. We hear the voice of what we want as demanding and loud. Clear, from miles away. It feels SO. RIGHT. It speaks to our hearts' selfish desire. This is what I want, this must be God's voice. Our voice is easy. It allows us to stay the same and outwardly change, but not inwardly grow.

Following our own voice leads us down dangerous trails. Our voice is the one that condones anger, it fuels rage. It is the voice of a bitter heart, the voice of an empty soul. It feels so right, but it is so wrong. Our voice is bathed in self, dripping with ill intent and poisoned by Satan himself.

But God speaks differently to us, His is the voice that we don't have to listen to. It is not filled with anxiety, or fear or selfishness. It does not grab our attention in any noticeable way like our own voice. We can simply ignore it and move on. His voice is drown out and run over easily. Some of the time it doesn't seem too gratifying to listen to that voice. We think "If it were God, He would speak louder here. If it were Him, He would yell." He would make it obvious. Right?

Friends, that is not how God works. He offers us daily the choice of following His voice instead of our own, but we have to have faith to hear AND obey it. Faith that what He has laid out for us is right, and pure and true. Faith that we can all be that person that we see in the back of our minds but believe can never exist. It takes a faith that changes your heart and opens your soul in a terrifyingly liberating way. It takes...

Faith that you HAVE heard Gods voice, that what you have heard was RIGHT.

Faith to LISTEN.

Faith to OBEY.

Hearing God's voice requires commitment. Hearing God's voice is a relationship, a familiarity. One-ness. Of course you can't follow His voice if you don't know what it sounds like in your heart.

I urge you to spend the next week spending time in His word each morning, before you do anything else. Pray daily for Him to show you Himself, for Him to speak to you. Ask Him to meet you there on the pages of that Bible, one on one...seeker and teacher. Be a willing participant, pray and trust in Him and His responses. Keep a prayer journal and write down the ways you think God is talking to you, and as the days go by and the weeks pass you will most definitely have the faith it takes to hear and obey the voice of our ever Loving Father. Or Abba, Our God.

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